May 03

Angel Ravson: Tv

my favorite television program is the eight chavo really is very n ice to me i love the program and i hope some day can know the original neighborhood . i remember all chapters and wau is really amazing to meeto someone here likes the chavo to eight? too hehehei think yes

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May 03

Danilo T: Rainyday

today a rained a lot but is very nice for me because i love the rain when i feel the rain in my chest . really i feel very good and think is sexy too hehehe well in this moment the rain stop but the street is wet now and is romantic for me i like drive my motor cycle when is raining

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May 01

Connor Perry: New Experience

So this is my first time actually doing cam and I am scared shitless lol. I never saw myself as a cam model. I can remember being that fat 260 lbs. person looking at these websites and thinking ” God Damn I would love to do that”. Then i would look at my stomach and think twice lol. I have always had bad issues with my body and have felt i never fit into the model dream so I put it on the back burner. Now with being in the TGRW house i am slowly breaking away from that fear and hoping I can create a new confidence in myself that I didnt have before 🙂 Only time will tell but I am so excited about it 🙂

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Apr 29

Neill Magic: Excited!!!!!

how u doing my little perverts??i wonder do anybody read this blogs?? at least 1 person that actually likes reading this stuff.. u know i wonder sometimes if it has a meaning all i say here and if you guys actually enjoy knowing a bit more from my personal life outside this screen that u see me everyday ( except Firdays when i am off )Oh well i will keep writting here so if if somebody actually read this u can find me online on the site and u can come talk with me about it or at least let me know.. So i wanted to tell u today about the fact that i almost got caught by my friends GF Friday night… we where at his place playing some football/ soccer ( depends how is called in ur place ) and we where all good, 3 4 corronas, hot inside the house so we had only our shorts on, no shirts at all… the game was so loud, we where banging the PS4 joysticks so hard trying to beat one another but that shit and the beers lead to another kind of beat.. if u know what i mean.. beat the meat kinda job hahaha He is a bisexual guy just like me and his gf has no probl letting him go out with the guys but she has no ideea what tthat little devil can take down his troath.. i mean he is a fuckign industrial vaccum cleaner man.. he sucks ur brains out trough ur damn DICK! ..anyway we go playing and playing and suddenly at some poing he gets mad and jumps up the couch and i see that dick going up and down in this pants.. i was like DAMN! i need that…. he sat back down and saw me catched a glimse of his cock . that was fucking hot.. he sad fuck this game… and pushed me back on the couch… got my shorts off and suckked the hell out of my cock… flipped me over., rimmed my ass… OMG was a fucking tongue feast in there.. tossed the shit out of my salad… and what do u hear?? the fucking key in the door.. i jumped so fast from that couch even the fucking Flash would be jealous at me hahhaha anyway we got away without getting caugh, i hid in thge bathroom,put some cold water on my dick and make it go away…..we barelly made it .. but was fucking good and i would like doing it again anytime he wants to… Come share a fucking hot experience with me or hear me telling u more of my crazzy stuff 😀 kiss kiss Do HUGS not DRUGS!!

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Apr 28

Yisus Rocky: Mi Fin De Semana

today is a very nice day full of super good things as for me as for you we just have to have faith and believe that we can achieve very good things with our lives as I want to give them a little pleasure and I like it because here with you I feel very well full of energy and wanting to do everything and I hope it is hafos you and me many rich things today a happy weekend desemana to all

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