Sep 19

Billy Biggs: Miusic

my favorite music is the one that sounds good because the truth there are many genres that I like and call my attention for example salsa regeton and bachata are very good to dance and to be at the party but if we want another kind of atmosphere is to listen to pop, rap, hip hop, is to have a chat and be relaxed with friends

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Sep 16

Dave Hill: Saturday Chillout

Hi guys. Today I just realized that the fall have already came to us. It is much more colder then at the beginning of this month. But still the sun is shining. So today weather is so nice, that I just took the bike and went to the park with my new book, that I have read there. The book titel is ”Guapa” by Saleem Haddad. Really nice novel, that I recommend you to read. Really touched my heart! Kisses from your Dawid

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Sep 11

Johnny Royal: Going Commando

So today i woke up late to take my roommate to work. So i didnt feel like looming for boxers, so i just threw on my pants on. I dont normaly go commando but these pants feel nice againt my cock. So after i drop my roommate of i haed back home for a little smoke session. While im smoking im looking at my tumblr, and im getting very horny and hard. My girlfriend laying on the bed asleep from the night before. As i look at all different kinds of porn, shemale, bi female, bi male, couples, swingers, and more. So no im hard and horny as fuck but look at the time and i have to go donate plasma and i cant jerk off. It took the whole car ride here to get rid of it. So after a bit of being here i finally get in the donation chair and im cock is rubing against my pants and my head is so sensitive. Im sting to get hard again.. i wonder how many people are gon a notice my 7in freeballing hard on.. thats where im at now.more to com later.

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Sep 11

Trevor Mayer: Hi

I was 18 years old, I was in high school, I started the school year. The first day of classes came through the door that person who for me was a total stranger, but who in time would become the most important person as love in my life. Days went by and I watched too much. It made me such a beautiful person … I kept seeing him all day, he did not notice. At first the months passed and he realized that every day he spent half the time looking at him.

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Sep 09

Apolo Sunshine: My Friend

yesterday morning when I get up to the bathroom to wash my face, I meet my straight friend outside the bathroom and he said he felt bad and wanted to share with me. We went into my room to talk, he had beer, I did not want to drink. But I was smoking Cannabis, and I relaxed. He lay on my bed and asked me to give him the bottle to continue taking… He had to leave but he said “These days, at night, we get to watch movies”. What do you want to happen?

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Sep 05

Steve South: Vacation

So my parents and I never got to spend their/my birthday together since they are very close and I haven’t seen my dad and his gf in about 2-3 years. I’ll be taking a vacation to Mexico with them from the 21st-30th of this month(September/2017). I need as much help as possible to be able to relax with my family so anything helps this month! I’m looking forward to spending time together chatting and I’ll be putting in some long hours contest days in hopes of bring home some bonus money! See you soon. oxox

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