Jan 10

Caesar Ramone: Tantra Sex or Tantric Sex

I have discovered lately that practicing this sex helps to connect a lot with the beings with whom we share our bed, we have more fun and we feel more pleasure for making love, it is a discipline that attracts a lot of attention since it is not only aggressiveness but pleasure and spirituality, I recommend all my followers to have a happy day

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Jan 04

Izzi: This Months Schedule

Set Schedule for whole month Hey everyone. As promised. heres my set schedule for the month. these are the days and times you will 95% of the time see me online.Thursday nights– 9 pm eastern till 1 or 2 am easternfriday nights- 9 pm eastern till 1 or 2 am easternSaturday nights- 9 pm eastern till 2 or 3 am easternSunday- posibble after noon shitfts starting at 11 am eastern till 3 pm- 8 pm eastern till 2 am easternReason for these times is bc i have a day job working at the famaily biz. I have no other choice. Sometimes I may not show up on one of these nights due to some personal time or recovery. As always, email or get in touch with me to organize a show if need be.Thanks for reading. And so awesome to be back in Izzi mode after a long sleeeeep in the dark…

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Dec 22

Sergio Oliver: Shopping Day

2 days ago I went to buy clothes, I went to a store and a man started showing me jens and he told me which ones were better and he told me to put this on, I put it on and asked him what I have left, the he said to give me a turn and I grab my buttockFrom there I got nervous and I went to remove the jens and did not close the whole curtain so that I could see …

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Dec 21

Lykos Fegari: Day 1 12/21/2017

I’ve decided I’m going to dedicate more time to updating this blog. I feel like I can just express myself here without being judged.I spent hours today getting all my social media in order. So it’s easier to interact with everyone.I would really appreciate it if you guys went to follow so I can keep you updated.Tumblr/Instagram/OnlyFans: LykosFegariSnapchat: Lukelune97Twitter: Lykos_Fegari

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